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The Dance :: My top 5 Dancing Shots of the last year :: Suisun City Wedding Photographer

OK, this is it! My final Top 5 Tuesday installment! I have had a lot of fun compiling these images for this blog series and I hope everyone has enjoyed looking at them as well. I struggled a little bit with this weeks post. Not because of the images but because I couldn’t decide on the theme. I thought long and hard about what kind of images to showcase. I knew I didnt want to do a post about something I had done before. My first thought was to do ring shots but I feel with my “Lord of the Rings” posts that it had been done enough. So I thought of aspects of the wedding that really don’t get showed off that much and that is when I decided to do this post about the Bride and Groom dancing. Most of these are the first dance, but I did include non first dance images as well.
I love how romantic the bride and grooms dancing photos can be (which is probably why I love so many black and white ones). For those few minutes, even though there are many eyes on them its like they are the only people in the room. The newlyweds dancing is a very public yet extremely intimate moment that if captured right can really set the tone for the whole reception. That is why I picked these images for my post. They are simple yet delicately complex! I really hope you have enjoyed this blog series and this final post.


The Ceremony :: My top 5 Ceremony Shots of the last year :: Suisun City Wedding Photographer

In this weeks installment of “Top 5 Tuesday” I am highlighting some of my favorite ceremony images. The ceremony is the most important part of the wedding and many times the most challenging parts of the day to photograph. Even though it can be challenging in a difficult way, they can also be challenging in a good way. Most of the time the ceremony is derived from a pretty standard wedding template. Sure there are slight variations between different cultures, nationalities, religions, etc. but for the most part they are all pretty similar. This is where the “Good Challenging” comes in. I love to try and view the ceremony in a different way than the rest of the guests are viewing it. Sure I get all the standard shots that show the ceremony in its true form, but its those times that I can show off my clients ceremony in a unique way that really makes me happy. Whether it be a birds eye view, a low perspective, capturing a special moment from a different angle, or just photographing from a less than conventional perspective, these all can take make wonderful and memorable ceremony images.
With that being said, here are my Top 5 Ceremony images from the last year. Enjoy.