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Tara & Hector :: Married :: Santa Cruz Wedding Photography :: Scotts Valley Wedding Photography

This wedding is very special to me, not only is Tara my cousin (and Hector now is as well) but my son was one of the ring bearers!! Its always fun when the family gets to come together for such a wonderful event and its so humbling that they asked me to be their photographer. Now knowing my family and that this was a wedding that I would like to enjoy as well, I did bring along another photographer to help me throughout the day so I could enjoy myself a little (and be in some photos!) Thank you Scott from Scott Mosher Photography for  coming out and helping me at this awesome wedding!

Even though we are in a SERIOUS drought here in California the lack of rain allowed my January weddings to have some awesome weather! I never would have thought that we would have had about 70 degree weather for this wedding when it was in the planning stages. Luckily we did and everyone who had to travel to the wedding was able to make it and return home with no weather related issues. It was great to meet so many of my cousins friends as well as her new family which came up for the wedding from Chile. Tara has been living in Chile for a few years now and that is where she met her new husband. He is a great guy and fits in perfectly with our family. We all are very happy that Tara found Hector.

Enjoy the images!

Heather & Josh :: Engaged :: Helwig Winery Engagement Photography :: Plymouth Engagement Photography

Its no secret that I love doing engagement sessions. These sessions are where I get to know my clients and they get to know me. The engagement sessions is not just to give my clients more photos but it is the perfect way us to become more comfortable with each other and that makes for better wedding day photos. For Heather and Josh’s session this was a little different. I have known Heather for quite some time since she has been a bridesmaid in 2 weddings that I have photographed. We already were comfortable with each other and she knew exactly how I worked. This was however the first time I met Josh, but that didn’t matter. From the first photo we were all having a great time and it was just the beginning of the day. We made our way from the tasting room with wine in hand and worked our way though the beautiful Helwig winery putting Heather and Josh in their element. (This winery was actually where they got engaged) I couldn’t have asked for a better day with these two, we had fun doing photos but we also just had a wonderful day talking, laughing and just enjoying each others company. It is sessions like these that really make me excited for my clients wedding. I can’t wait for October!

Mariana & Jake :: Married :: Bridges Golf Glub Wedding Photography :: San Ramon Wedding Photography

2014 started out with a bang! Very rarely do I have a wedding so early in the year but this year that was different. Just 10 days into the year I got to photograph this beautiful wedding and with the crazy weather California has been having this winter we couldn’t have asked for a better day!! Mariana and Jake are some of the nicest people I have ever met and were such joys to work with. It doesn’t hurt that they are both ridiculously photogenic too. I was very excited for  their wedding just from us getting to know each other at the engagement session but I had no idea what I was really in for when it came to the big day. This wedding was the PERFECT wedding to start off my year with. I mean we had 70 degree weather in JANUARY, the bride and groom were awesome, the wedding party was so much fun to work with, the venue was amazing, I got to work with one of my favorite second shooters AND one of my favorite DJ’s!!! PERFECT!!

I had a blast at this wedding and I love ALL the images but here are a few of my favorites that help tell the story! Enjoy!

Kerrie & Richard :: Married :: Meritage Resort Wedding Photography :: Napa Valley Wedding Photography :: Napa Wedding

There is no question about how much I love shooting in the Napa Valley, its got to be one of my favorite places in California. When I get to spend time in Napa AND shoot a wedding for an awesome couple at the Meritage Resort, its going to be a great day! This was one of those great days!
Kerrie and Richard flew into Napa from Boston for their semi-destination wedding. I say semi-destination because Richard is originally from Northern California so it was a homecoming for him. None the less the wedding was a great one! I couldn’t have asked for a nicer, more genuine couple than these two. It didn’t hurt that they were extremely photogenic and their wedding party was equally so. The bridesmaids all looked like models and the groomsmen all looked like they were auditioning for the role of James Bond!
I really enjoyed this wedding and all the images I got from it. It was short (at least for me) but sweet and had a lot of very wonderful moments that I was lucky to capture for the couple! Enjoy the images!

Ashley & Kyle :: Married :: Incline Village Wedding Photography :: Lake Tahoe Wedding Photography :: The Chateau Wedding Photography

Going through all these wedding photos the past week has really made me think about what it is that I love so much about shooting weddings. Then today when I was looking through Ashely and Kyles pictures from Lake Tahoe it reminded me of one of the biggest reasons that I love my job. Sure you may think that since this wedding was in Lake Tahoe, one of the most beautiful places EVER, but its actually another reason. Its the people. I get to meet so many wonderful people photographing weddings! I get to work with these awesome couples on the biggest, happiest day of their lives and during all the prep work leading up to that day. I get to know what makes them tick, what they enjoy, what they don’t enjoy, many times I learn their stories, their families stories and the list goes on. Ashley and Kyle are perfect examples of the reason I love working with people. As soon as I met them at the Hiddenbrooke wedding fair I could tell that they were people I wanted to work with. At least for me I felt an immediate connection. This became more apparent during our consultations, engagement session and just our online interactions leading up to their wedding. I was so excited to be a part of their wedding and to capture all the important moments for them! I loved every minute of it and I hope you enjoy the images!